Kids Birthdays

Our two (2) hour package is ($79.99 based on a minimum of ten (10) bowlers. Each additional bowler is only ($7.99).

Our Package Includes:

·         Birthday Party Invitations

·         Bowling themed plates, napkins, cups, and forks

·         One (1) hour of bowling (bumpers are available)

·         Rental Shoes and Bowling Balls are available

·         One (1) hour use of our private party room

·         The Birthday Child will receive:

          I.     A balloon bouquet with a painted bowling pin

        II.      A T-Shirt

       III.      A fun pack

     IV.       A free bowling pass for future use

·         Each bowler in the party room will receive:

    I.       A soft Drink

   II.       A free bowling pass for future use

·         We will provide a birthday party hostess who will:

    I.        Set up the party room

   II.        Get the bowlers their rental shoes and get them set up on the lanes

 III.         Take care of any extra food or drink order

 IV.        Clean the party room up afterward

V.        We add a 15% GRATUITY for the hostess

·         A $20.00 deposit is required 10 days to 2 weeks prior to the party date to hold your reservation.

You May Bring:

·         Additional Decorations

·         A birthday cake (which must be made by a store or bakery and arrive in the box from the bakery) and Ice Cream


Additional Amenities are available:

·         Great food from our Snack Bar Menu

  I.             A large one topping pizza is $12.99

  II.            Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

III.             And Much More

·         An Extra ½ hour of Bowling is $2.00 each bowler

·         Extra kid’s fun packs for $2.50 each

·         Extra party room rental time is $15.00 per hour

Click here to fill out our Birthday Planning Form and our party concierge will contact you to firm up the details!