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Recently, a lot of girlfriends, female colleague asked me about where to buy nice socks, nike elite socks cheap how to match socks. Uniform, like an appointment like. Socks season is really to the cool early autumn, both want to be trousers conceal curve, and do not want legs were cold autumn wind erosion, not to mention still a great match for a variety of season - this time, you I will certainly remember it - socks cheap nike elite basketball socks. Yes, the season turns warm again, stockings is the most practical weapon Dress, pantyhose, stockings, socks ...... a variety of styles to meet your needs. And look at T-Taiwan show to see the trend of street shooting, you will not have a no socks with a sigh.

T stage will appear every year brings out the color of the socks match, cheap nike elite socks such as the year sets LACOSTE stockings tights, long socks this year's autumn and winter show. PRADA with heels in color stitching style knee socks and a half feet.

This year alone cheap nike socks, Gaspard Yurklevich layered combination of knee socks and knee socks to wear stacked to create a sense of metallic yarn and solid mix of classic black and white, in Gaspard Yurklevich a blazing desert-colored clothing to be angry nike socks cheap, Alexander Wang in the leg length socks fuss, gray cotton texture, with hot pants, short skirts with a student who miss dressed in school uniforms, amazing is, Alexander Wang them and open-toed shoes, and ankle boots or wearing wedge heels socks but it is behind the rear panel of leakage --- no.

For most people, the socks are a necessity of life, and for fashion love beautiful people, cheap nike elite socks online socks just to make themselves more color decorations. For example, my friend Little D closet stocked with two drawers on the special housing socks, which are numerous dozens of socks: where dozens of black pantyhose, including with a silk dress to wear thin as onion skin stockings , as well as pressure stovepipe socks shaping effect has cheap nike elite socks outlet, with thick woolen shorts to wear to see the color of cotton tights, as well as extreme sexy fine mesh stockings; Leggings dozen colors from bright pink, bright yellow, sapphire blue to understated dark green, navy blue, dark purple everything; knee-length socks, socks half, seven tights, pantyhose socks socks N Article ...... of course, not so much to collect, fashion circle of people a lot of time to delve into socks momentum less than the study of IT Bag, although the socks as a decoration only occasionally, but different socks with different clothes, can in no way be sloppy. If you do not want to wear socks on an error, then the circle of people together, and fashion trends each season concerned socks, learn how they wear socks it!

In this site socks, black pantyhose has proudly occupy NO.1 position cheap nike socks china, Because it is so wild, yet so thin it? And now there is a Japanese pop came from compression stockings, legs curve provided in accordance with different pressures, can prevent varicose veins and, indeed, to tighten the skin, with black effect was thin, his legs can look a lot thinner. One of my favorite socks Taobao shop had this socks, socks and some trade shop also has Wacoal compression stockings. Compared reflective nylon and micro thoroughly, velvet, cotton material more texture cheap nike socks from china. The semipermeable black stockings and black wool stockings or knee socks, so can pull legs warm and lines, but also look good, is dressed a lot of models and stars often appear in street shooting. Such as small J Tailemosen

Leggings those exaggerated colors, such as orange, rosy red, cheap nike elite socks for sale malachite green, although good to see color, but not ordinary people life manageable. Brown, deep burgundy, dark blue is relatively easy to match color socks, and because of the color of earth swept, brown will be very harmonious, deep burgundy conducted on collision with a very out of color. Plaid or striped socks with a dark color is better, and preferably with boots, revealing a small part, not too exaggerated nike elite socks for cheap. Stripes and patterns may be exaggerated leg disadvantages can be avoided at least partially exposed.