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Socks with basic rules

    1. Length to match your body

    If you're fairly thick thighs, usa nike elite socks hold-ups will usher in more attention. If your knee joints not pretty, just reached a pair of knee socks will play the following modification effect than knee high socks had better results. Of two lengths to try. Just under the knee socks may make you thin, but slightly higher than the knee a little, it could produce a completely different effects nike usa basketball socks. If the knee is not enough lean your knees may become one of your beautiful legs on the "drum kits."

    2. The selection of hold-ups

    If you are not tall, you can choose under the knee socks usa nike elite socks for sale, pull legs type of role to play in the visual. Conversely, if you choose hold-ups, then an intermediate bottom must be higher than the position of the thigh. If your area is cold, you can choose some relatively thick knit wool socks. However, the length is not high, we do not consider heavy style. Do not use the knee socks with plaid clothing, may make you too much like a student usa nike elite socks from china. This appearance appear in Gossip Girl in life do not apply.

    3. stacked with

    Knee socks or knee socks bottoming socks to wear inside, usa nike elite socks online choose the right dress for your plus points. Color and texture choices more, if you really want to show off your socks, you can more aggressive in this regard.